2013 Grant Applications [for FY 2014]

Individual Applications

  1. Attleboro High School———Global Issues: War & Peace - Bosnia
  2. Fruitlands Museum———Centennial Anniversary Programs
  3. Debra Banna———Fine Arts/Art Education for Children
  4. Project Connect———Wayne Potash Concert
  5. Craig Harris———Science of Percussion: Building Blocks of Rhthyms
  6. Attleboro High School Drama Club———Mass. H.S. Drama Festival - Preliminary Level
  7. Triboro Youth Theatre———Scholarships for Members
  8. SMARTS Collaborative———Southeastern Massachusetts Wind Symphony
  9. SMARTS Collaborative———Touring Art Exhibit
  10. Too Human———A Celebration of Song: Great Amer. Songbook
  11. Hyman Fine PTO, Inc.———Growing Healthy: Mural to Inspire Healthy Choices
  12. Bristol Community College Foundation———Adult Basic Education (ABE) Educational Trip Janet Applefield———Combating Hate and Prejudice
  13. Fuller Craft Museum———[SENSE]ation Days
  14. Roger Tincknell———Children's Songs & Singing Games Family Concert
  15. Nicol Wander———Know Your Facts about Your Snacks
  16. The Marble Collection (TMC)———The Marble Collection (TMC)
  17. Hyman Fine Elementary School———Cultural Programs: Li Liu and Clap Your Hands
  18. Attleboro's 1 ABC———Attleboro's 1 Adventure, 1 Book, 1 Community
  19. Stephen Lewis———Black Leaders: Inspirational Poster Exhibit
  20. Attleboro Historic Preservation Society———AHPS Monthly Educational Programs
  21. Gregory Maichack———Sublime Sunflowers: Pastel Paint Like the Masters
  22. Andy Cerrone———Project Grow Attleboro
  23. Attleboro Public Library———Building Stories: a Storytelling Workshop
  24. Nancy Lamothe / Studley Elem. FIELD TRIP———Massachusetts State House
  25. Nancy Lamothe / Studley Elemary School———Historical Perspectives
  26. The Arc of Bristol———Visual & Verbal Stories of Adults with Disabilities
  27. Oure Pleasure Singers———Centennial Celebration: Attleboro 1914 - 2014
  28. St. Mary-Sacred Heart School FIELD TRIP———Plimoth Plantation & Mayflower II
  29. St. Mary-Sacred Heart School FIELD TRIP———Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, Norfolk, MA
  30. St. Mary-Sacred Heart School FIELD TRIP———Berklee Performance Ctr. - Charlotte's Web
  31. St. Mary-Sacred Heart School FIELD TRIP———Boston Museum of Science
  32. John Root———Senior Citizen Musical Program
  33. John Porcino———To Life! Celebrations in Story, Song and Music
  34. Attleboro Special Educ. Parent Advisory Council———Winter Dance for Special Education Students
  35. Attleboro Arts Museum———High Art 2014: The Tape Challenge
  36. Attleboro Arts Museum———Ocean Communities & Amazing Sharks: Flower Show '14
  37. Fuller Craft Museum———artKitchen Café Performance Series 2014
  38. The Unconservatory———Cranberry Coast Concerts Season 9