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Attleboro Cultural Council Community Input Survey

The Attleboro Cultural Council collects your opinions to help us set our funding priorities for the next three years. Thanks for participating.

1. What current arts and cultural programs or services are of most value to our community? What's missing?

2. Were you aware that artists, schools, and community groups may apply for grants from the Attleboro Cultural Council?


3. What should be the most important priorities for Attleboro Cultural Council funding next year? Please rank your top three recommended priorities (where "1" is the most important, "2" is the next, "3" is least).

1 2 3 — Projects led by local artists
1 2 3 — Arts in the schools
1 2 3 — Youth arts programs outside of school
1 2 3 — Public events like concerts, festivals
1 2 3 — Environmental education projects
1 2 3 — Support for community arts and cultural organizations
1 2 3 — Other idea or suggestion:

4. How do you hear about cultural activities that interest you?

Local paper
Town web site
Notices at the library
Cable access channel
Local arts newsletter
Word of mouth

5. In your opinion, are the majority of the programs for which the Attleboro Cultural Council awards grants

low cost
moderate cost
high cost

6. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions for the Attleboro Cultural Council?

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